Tool Modification And Repair Service

Tool Modification and Repair Services

Whether tools were kicked off before a design was fully tested or there is an engineering change required, days, months even years into a tool’s lifespan, at Protool Manufacturing, our in-house designers and toolmakers are here to assist you in adapting tooling to suit your requirements.

We understand it’s not always financially viable to create new tools if a component change/update is required. We have the tools and the expertise to aid in developing a component design that can achieve your end goal whilst keeping modification costs to a minimum. Potentially even looking at adapting a tool either permanently or with changeable inserts to run a new or modified component whilst still being able to mould the existing level component.

Work undertaken to ISO 9001 (2015) accreditation includes but is not limited to things such as compensating form to achieve tight drawing tolerances, modifications for new level data, creating change inserts, re-texturing and re-working worn tooling, repairs both major and minor, manufacturing spares or replacement components, servicing of old or neglected tooling. Maybe you have purchased some far eastern tooling and are looking for someone to correct any issues and/or make sure the tools are ready to be moulded when arriving in the UK, we are only a short journey from Southampton docks with local moulders who can prove the tools before they are delivered to your moulding facility.