Ona Nx6

New EDM (Electrical Discharge Machine) for large parts

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Here at the Protool Manufacturing team, we are happy to announce our latest manufacturing enhancement that will allow us to offer more options than ever before.

Our new ONA NX6 EDM (Electronic Discharge Machine) is a sparking machine and part of our £200K plant investment this year, complementing our £300K investment in 2015.

This latest technology upgrade will allow us to spark larger tools, deeper and more accurate than ever before. In the past you will have had to seek a specialist who could perform these operations, and now you can come to us for the full one-stop-shop experience.

What additional jobs can we complete for you?

  • We can spark extremely fine features down to an accuracy of 1 µm (one billionth of a metre or 0,000 000 001m).
  • We can achieve a VDI rating of 0 for parts that require to smoothest surface possible.
  • If you have large parts that need a higher accuracy than a CNC machine tools can provide, we can continuously spark on a 24/7 basis to ensure tight deadlines can be hit, without having to make any dimensional and/or quality compromises.
  • Very deep cavities can be achieved, with the highest quality and precision, guaranteed. This is ideal for deep ribs that cannot be machined.
  • Parts up to 1000mm x 600mm x 500mm can fit this machine.

We are keen to find out if you have any jobs coming up, when you can utilise our new service, so please get in touch.

Head office:
Tel. 0044(0)2392 492411

Technical Sales Manager:
Daniel Walker
Mobile 0044(0)787 0221320