Underbonnet Project (AJ200 Engine Project) Prototype thru to Production

Having previously worked successfully together on a number of high profile Automotive Projects, Protool Manufacturing were approached by Magal AWT Limited to work on the new AJ200 Engine Project for a major automotive OEM.

The brief was to give a turnkey solution, working closely with Magal designers to take the current prototype designs through a design maturation process to ensure the parts were tooling feasible to take into production and not just for the prototype build phase of the project. To support this requirement Protool placed a Guest Engineer into Magal to work closely with and support the component design phase of the project to ensure the parts were designed in such a way as to be tooling feasible for production.

The next part of the challenge was to complete the manufacture of a number of complicated Aluminium Prototype tools in very tight lead-times to support the initial project build phase for testing which was completed successfully and on time. Taking the lessons learnt from the Prototype Tooling phase Protool Manufacturing moved onto the manufacture of fully hardened Production tools which again were completed on time and in budget.

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