Dyson Prototype Tool Project

The challenge set by Dyson was to manufacture a 10 Tool programme of Prototype Tools in very short lead-times to support testing on a high profile project with the brief being parts would be required within the target timing, without fail. The added challenge was the complexity of the parts which would also be required too very tight dimensional tolerances whilst the Aluminium Prototype Tools would be constructed with hand loaded loose cores to remove all undercut features.

Protool took up the challenge, working through a full DFM and moldlflow stage to ensure parts were not just on time to support the prototype builds but also so additional value could be added to the prototype phase of the project with lessons learnt on tool construction and fill of the parts when taken into the production phase of the project.

Protool successfully completed the project on time to support all Dyson’s requirements on the project ensuring the product was taken to market within the target set.

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