Protool Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of Rapid Prototype and Low-High Volume Injection Mould Tooling. Working across such diverse sectors as automotive, aerospace, defence and consumer products, we have a well-established international reputation and blue chip client list. Protool undertake all aspects of the product development process from initial design and prototyping through to supply of mass production in the UK or in low cost regions.


  • Prototype Tooling
  • Low Volume Tooling
  • Production Tooling (UK)
  • Low Cost Regions Tooling
  • 3D & 5 Axis Complex Machining
  • Jigs & Fixtures
  • Tool Modification & Repair Services

Latest News

Sylvania Wins Interior Luminaire Of The Year Award With Protool Manufacturing Tooling.

Sylvania wins Interior Luminaire of the year award with Protool Manufacturing Tooling.

Here at Protool Manufacturing, we would also like to Congratulate Sylvania for winning the coveted…

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Tool Modification And Repair Services

Tool Modification and Repair Services

Whether tools were kicked off before a design was fully tested or there is an…

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Introducing Our New ProTool Van

Introducing our new ProTool van

Our brand new van allows us to efficiently transport your completed tools, completely safe in…

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New EDM (Electrical Discharge Machine) For Large Parts

New EDM (Electrical Discharge Machine) for large parts

Here at the Protool Manufacturing team, we are happy to announce our latest manufacturing enhancement…

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